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It was the fastest service, the technician showed up in 2.5 hrs after the initial call as promised. And was able to resolve the issue. The payment process was carried over the phone by Tammy, and she was patient enough to manage through my multiple call reschedules. – Suman K.

Tony just left my house after repair. He was very polite and kind. He was even nice to my needy dog! I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful repairman he is. So glad he was able to come out to fix our issue. He’s a keeper!!Samantha A.

I had a problem with my air conditioning after 10 PM on a weekend. When I called the phone number, it was answered by a real person not an answering service. A technician was able to come out to my house in less than an hour. He was only able to perform part of the service that night, but when he came back the next day he was able to finish repairing my AC quickly. The price was very reasonable for overtime hours on the weekend. Regina P.

My air conditioner broke while it was 90 degrees outside. I am very thankful they were able to fit my repair into the schedule even though all of the technicians were swamped. It took only 30 minutes to complete the repair after he arrived. I know it’s hard when hot and overworked, yet they still had a good attitude. – Justin P.

The folks who are “Accurate Heating and Cooling” are bar-none top notch service providers. If you need assistance with your heating or cooling, you will discover that “Accurate Heating and Cooling” are prompt to respond, knowledgable, experienced, honest, fair with their pricing and provide great customer service. I highly recommended them! – Megan R.

Accurate Heating and Cooling are the best. We found out our furnace needed to be replaced on Monday and a new one was installed on Tuesday. Great customer service and installation. – Nancy S.

They are such great people and so easy to work with. I highly recommend them. – Linda A.

We had Accurate Heating and Cooling install our new furnace and air conditioner a couple of years ago. They did a wonderful job. Very professional and helpful when asking questions. I would refer them to anyone. They provide great service, and prompt. WE have them service our equipment every year to keep in in good condition. – Kathy V.

Accurate Heating and Cooling is the best! From their professional knowledge, to prompt and reliable service and continual work to help make your home comfortable, they are awesome. We refer them and would recommend them. – Stacey M.

I would highly recommend Accurate Heating & Cooling they provide wonderful service and truly care about their customers! – Stefanie Z.

Prompt, great service and explanation of what they did, very affordable, could NOT have been better! – Steve M.

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