It may not feel like it now, but spring and summer are just around the corner. Long before the warm breezes start blowing, you’ll want to be sure your Omaha air conditioner is ready to perform the important job of keeping your home and family cool.

With regular maintenance and care, today’s HVAC systems are designed to operate for several years without fail. However, if you’ve inherited a system when you purchased a home, you really have no idea how well the unit has been cared for. And, if your unit is more than 10 years old, you may be seeing and hearing the signs that air conditioning repair service is in your future.

What Are Signs Your System Needs Repaired Or Replaced?

If you turn on your cooling system and only warm air comes out, you hear strange noises (or hear nothing at all!), it’s time to call Accurate Heating & Cooling. As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, you can count on our technicians to explain the issues at hand and provide expert and affordable A/C repair services whenever possible.

Here are some factors that suggest that you just might need more than just air conditioning service and may be due for a replacement:

• Aging Air Conditioning Systems Will Eventually Need To be Replaced

It’s just a fact that older air conditioning units will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Our technicians will be honest about the life expectancy of your existing equipment. Should you hear the news that repair just isn’t an option, you can trust Accurate Heating & Cooling has given you an honest assessment. Our reputation and experience were built on integrity, not high-pressure sales tactics.

• High Repair Costs Point To The Need To Replace Your A/C System

Aside from age or inadequate maintenance that has led to an A/C system failure, there are a few other signs that point to the need to replace rather than repair. How many times have you had to contact a company for air conditioning repair service? Repeated calls to repair and the bills that come from that add up quickly.

• Inadequate Cooling And High Utility Bills Point To A/C Replacement

An additional reason to consider calling an Omaha HVAC company like Accurate Heating & Cooling is to explore the ways a new cooling system for your home could bring savings through enhanced energy efficiency. New units like those available from Trane and Accurate Heating & Cooling can produce measurable cost savings for homeowners. If you notice utility bills creeping higher and your air conditioner having trouble “keeping up” with the heat, it may be time for a replacement system.

We Can Help Guide You With Your “Repair Or Replace” Questions

No one likes the thought of having to replace an air conditioning system entirely, but there comes a time when it is the best and only option. Air conditioning repair service companies like Accurate Heating & Cooling in Omaha, Nebraska will work hard to keep your existing unit running optimally and efficiently, but when age and wear cause your HVAC system to become unsafe or unreliable, it’s time to replace.
If repair is the answer, it pays to begin with a Trane Comfort Specialist who can identify the right options for your needs and budget. Call the experts at Accurate Heating & Cooling at (402) 238-2425.