In Home Consultation

Once you’ve set an appointment to meet with one of our Comfort Consultants, we would like to provide you with an overview of the duties that we require of them, in order to properly determine how we can best meet your needs

  • You will receive a phone call approximately 30 minutes prior to the Comfort Consultant’s arrival.
  • Upon arrival, the Comfort Consultant will survey your needs and requirements about the system, installation, and budget you desire to ensure a clear understanding.
  • After discussing your needs, the Comfort Consultant will want to see the locations where all desired work will take place so that the necessary pictures and measurements can be taken for clear communication with our installation department.  In addition, the following will be performed:
    • Furnace, Air Conditioning or Heat Pump – Manual J Heat Loss measurement on your home; review of your electrical system; review of your gas piping (if gas or propane).
  • After the scope of work is discussed, photographed and measured, the Comfort Consultant would like to sit down with you to discuss the Good-Better-Best Scenarios that meet your system requirements as well as budgetary needs.
  • If we can find a system that meets both your requirements and budget, a proposal will be prepared for your approval. The Comfort Consultant will address any other questions you may have.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a proposal for your project and thank you for your time. We also encourage you to evaluate our proposal and company point by point against our competitors, and also to ensure that your envisioned project is without surprises & on budget.

Fill out our Simple Appointment Form to meet with one of our Comfort Consultants.