Geothermal Heat Pump Systems for Your Home

If you’re searching for knowledgeable geothermal HVAC companies near Omaha, NE and Elkhorn, NE, Accurate Heating & Cooling’s skilled technicians are here to help. After nearly two decades in business, we’re well-versed in the various advantages of geo heating and cooling. If you’re convinced a geothermal system is ideal for you, our team will get you on the road to efficient space conditioning.

What is a Geothermal System?

Geothermal heat pump systems are innovative, efficient solutions for homes and businesses regardless of the time of year. Comprised of a heat pump and ground loop, a geo HVAC system uses the natural warmth and coolness of ground temperature – which is 55 degrees year-round – to condition living and work spaces. Our technicians can help you decide if geothermal heating and cooling is the right choice for you.

Comfort Year-Round

During winter, the water that circulates through a geothermal system’s ground loop absorbs heat, which is then transferred to the heat pump. Once the heat is collected, it’s passed through a space in the form of warm air. In the summer, the system essentially works in reverse. The heat pump captures heat from indoor air and moves it through the loop – leaving only cool air behind.


Whether you’re a home or business owner, you stand to gain much from a geothermal heat pump. In contrast to other types of systems, geo HVAC solutions offer greater savings. These systems transfer energy rather than creating it through burning fuel. Accurate Heating & Cooling is fully familiar with a variety of HVAC systems – geothermal included.

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