Customer Pledge

Our focus is providing solutions, not selling a “box”

Below is our company pledge to you.

  • We promise to provide a  certified and trained journeyman to analyze and install the system. This person will be fully responsible for pre-measuring, fabricating ductwork, and installing the system to your satisfaction.
  • We promise to provide you with peace of mind during the life of your system installation through having the most qualified service technicians and 24/7 dispatch on-call capability.
  • We promise to provide solutions during the sales process, in particular to:
    1. Fully understand your budgetary requirements. If we cannot meet your budgetary needs, we won’t waste your time with a proposal.
    2. Meet your specific needs on schedule, flexibility, and application. We will go the extra mile to please you.
    3. Completely survey your present system.
    4. Completely survey your individual needs for comfort.
    5. Not waste your time selling systems or services you do not need.
    6. Not “educate” you on why you should use our services; you, the customer, inherently know whether or not we are a good fit.
    7. Not deceive you into buying a sub-optimal application or convince you to accept sub-optimal service by enticing you with a low initial price.
  • We promise to reward loyalty with our best pricing on service and installation. We realize that past customers provide repeat business and referrals and deserve privileged pricing.
  • We promise to minimize your costs of heating and cooling over the life of your system by controlling your repair and energy costs while maximizing its usable life; however, we do NOT promise to be the lowest initial price for system installation or the cheapest hourly rate for service repair. Our goal is to do it right rather than cheaply.

We at Accurate Heating & Cooling feel the value of a heating/cooling system installation is not the “box,” but rather who is installing, servicing, and providing warranty on the box.

Thank you for the opportunity to review your heating and cooling needs! Questions? Call (402) 238-2425.