Furnace Clean & Check $89.95

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Check and Clean Burners

Lubricate Motor

Clean Pilot

Check Thermostat

Check Heat Anticipator

Inspect Flue Pipes

Oil Fan & Blower

Inspect Belts & Tension

Inspect Heat Exchanger

Check Filters

Check Safety Limit Switch

Check Pilot Safety

Check Roll Out Safety Switch

Check Pressure Switches

Check Gas Pressure

Check Furnace Performance

Test for Carbon Monoxide



Are annual furnace clean & checks really necessary?


AC Clean & Check $89.95

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Lubricate Blower & Bearings

Check Belt Condition & Tension

Check Filters

Change Filters Under Contract

Set Dampers

Check Fan Speed

Clean Condensate Drain

Check Blower Rotation

Check amp Draw of Motor

Check Thermostat

Check & Clean Condenser

Check Operating Pressure

Check Ambient Temperature

Check Suction Line Temperature

Check Refrigerant Charge

Check All Safety Controls

Check Contactors & Relays

Check Start & Run Capacitors

Check All Wiring Connections

Check Compressor

Check Condenser Fan Motor