Newer Armstrong Residential Furnace Model Number Description

Armstrong residential furnace model number description is provided below to help homeowners understand more about the specifics with their Armstrong furnace. There is a wealth of technical information contained within the Armstrong residential furnace model number that is found on the furnace label plate sticker.

Accurate Heating & Cooling services Armstrong furnaces and air conditioners in the greater Omaha metropolitan area. Our service area includes communities as far north as Blair and as far south as Bellevue. We also have customers as far east as Council Bluffs, Iowa. Our office is located in Elkhorn and our shop is located in Bennington. In addition to servicing Armstrong equipment, we also install Armstrong furnaces and air conditioners. Call Accurate Heating & Cooling for all of your residential and light commercial HVAC needs.

The manufacturer makes residential and light commercial heating and cooling products, including central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. Armstrong furnaces were created in 1928 by the Lennox Furnace Company in Columbus, Ohio. Armstrong Air products are still proudly assembled in the United States, at facilities in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Furnaces from this manufacturer utilize a smaller Btu input per burner of around 7,500 to 11,000 Btu per burner, instead of the traditional 20,000 to 25,000 Btu per burner. This makes for quieter furnace startup and operation without sacrificing heat output. By combining this lower firing rate with more burners and a larger clamshell heat exchanger, Armstrong Air furnaces deliver consistently quieter operation and greater durability.

Additional information on the Armstrong Air brand can be found on the Armstrong Air website at

The photo below shows the name plate label for an Armstrong Air furnace Model number A80UH1D070A12-02 and serial number 5911E06096. The name plate label is normally found inside the upper removable cover of the residential furnace. If you are having a hard time locating the furnace name plate, when we are out servicing your Armstrong furnace anywhere in the Omaha metro area, we will be happy to show you where the name plate is located. The Armstrong residential furnace model number description follows the photo.

NOTE: This information has not been certified by the manufacturer. ENSURE that you verify all of this model number information with the manufacturer before using this information to make equipment selection or repair decisions.

Armstrong Residential Furnace Model Number Description

The model number for a newer Armstrong Air furnace contains some useful information. For example, for a furnace model number:


A – the first digit refers to the brand where A = Armstrong Air

80 – the second and third digit refers to the nominal AFUE rating which in this case is 95% efficient furnace

80 = 80% efficient furnace

95 = 95% efficient furnace

UH – the fourth and fifth digit refers to the overall furnace configuration

UH = Upflow or Horizontal flow

DF = Downflow configuration

1 – the sixth digit refers to the number of stages in the furnace

1 = 1 stage

2 = 2 stage

D – the seventh digit refers to the drive of the blower

D = Direct Drive

070 – the eighth, ninth, and tenth digits, refers to the nominal heat input of the furnace

070 = heating input x 1000 or 70,000 btu/hr

A – the eleventh digit refers to the width of the furnace cabinet

A = 14.5” wide

B = 17.5” wide

C = 21.0” wide

D = 24.5” wide

12 – the twelfth and thirteenth digits refer to the nominal cubic feet per minute (CFM) x 100

08 = 2 Ton cooling sized blower drive

12 = 3 Ton cooling sized blower drive

16 = 4 Ton cooling sized blower drive

20 = 5 Ton cooling sized blower drive

A – the fourteenth digit refers to the heat exchanger code (if applicable)

A = Aluminized heat exchanger

S = Stainless steel heat exchanger

-02 – the fifteenth and sixteenth digits refer to the series of the unit.

The above model number description data for Armstrong Air furnaces is applicable to the furnace models listed below.

















































An Armstrong Furnace Model A801A Installation Manual is available here.

Armstrong Furnace Serial Number Can Reveal Year of Manufacture beyond Armstrong Residential Furnace Model Number Description

One can determine the year that an Armstrong Air furnace or air conditioning unit was manufactured from the serial number on the furnace or air conditioner. If you want your Armstrong furnaces serviced in Omaha, then just call Accurate Heating and Cooling. We can service and install Armstrong air conditioners as well as Armstrong furnaces.

For units manufactured since the early 1990s, the serial numbers will indicate the year that the unit was manufactured. The third and fourth digits correspond to the year that the unit was built. For example, the photo of the Armstrong Air furnace from above shows a serial number of 5911E06096. The third and fourth digits are 11 such that the unit was built in 2011.

Another handy way to identify the year that the furnace or other HVAC appliance was manufactured is from consulting the Building intelligence Center website at Select the type of HVAC equipment interested in and then select the brand of equipment which is listed from a drop down menu in alphabetic order from the first letter of the brand name. Then select the particular brand of equipment desired. The various different serial number formats used by that brand are listed with the means of decoding that serial number format for the year of manufacture.

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