Armstrong Air Conditioners

Accurate Heating & Cooling installs Armstrong Air Conditioners. Armstrong equipment is available as a second line of air conditioning equipment for residential homes. However, the Armstrong product line offers lasting performance at lower price compared with our flagship Trane products.

Armstrong was established in 1928 in Columbus Ohio. So, they have a long history of building quality innovative products. And, Armstrong air conditioners are still assembled here in the United States. We find that most homeowners have heard of the Armstrong product line. And this is based on the quality workmanship and performance of their HVAC products. Also, the pricing is favorable as Armstrong does not use a lot of national advertising, which allows them to offer a more favorable price.

Additional background information about Armstrong air conditioners is found on the Armstrong home page accessible here. Other HVAC products offered by Armstrong are also found on their website.

A Variety of Models Are Available

Armstrong air conditioners come in a variety of models. For example, there are single stage models, two stage models, and variable speed models. In addition a range of air conditioner efficiency options are also offered. Homeowners can thus find the best balance between efficiency and up front cost. Higher efficiency models with advanced features will cost a little more up front. However, they offer more comfortable indoor air conditions and lower energy consumption every month.

Single Stage Units

Examples of the single stage Armstrong air conditioners are the model 4SCU13LE and 4SCU13LB. Both these models come in 13 SEER. In addition, there are also 14 SEER models available such as the 4SCU14LB.

Armstrong Single Speed Air Conditioner installed in Omaha

A useful thumb rule for the SEER rating is that 1 SEER is approximately equivalent to 5% efficiency. In real world applications with air conditioners, homeowners will see actual lower energy bills.

The product brochure 2019 Armstrong Air Conditioner Consumer Guide offers additional information.

The lower SEER rated units are lower cost up front. And, in many cases a new lower SEER unit exceed the energy efficiency of your current older air conditioner. Many of the older air conditioners in place today have SEER ratings of around 10. Upgrading to a new 13 SEER Armstrong air conditioner will noticeably cool your home better. Additionally, it will dehumidify the air in your home better. And it will also offer noticeable savings on your electric bill. The new unit will be much quieter than your existing older air conditioner. Many homeowners can hear their neighbors older unit over their new quiet unit. The new unit will also have a warranty. You will have great peace of mind with the proven reliability of these Armstrong units.

Two Stage Air Conditioners

Two stage Armstrong air conditioners have a compressor that operates at low speed or high speed. The low speed compressor runs on milder days. This will afford greater energy efficiency. And the high speed compressor is available for hot humid days. Moreover, two stage air conditioners are offered in SEER ratings up to 16 SEER to offer even higher efficiency. Pairing this two stage air conditioner with a variable speed furnace will further improve the home’s comfort cooling capabilities. And the right thermostat can make further efficiency and comfort gains.

Variable Speed Air Conditioners

Variable speed Armstrong air conditioners come in models 4SCU16LS or 4SCU20LX. These have variable speed compressors. They match the compressor speed with the heat load much like a dimmer switch. Where the dimmer switch allows a range of illumination levels from a light bulb. Matching the variable speed air conditioner with a variable speed Armstrong furnace will provide optimum system performance. Adding the right thermostat will further improve efficiency and comfort. And again, upgrading to a new Armstrong variable speed air conditioner will noticeably cool your home much better. It will also dehumidify your home much better. And there will be noticeable savings on your electric bill. The new unit will be much quieter than your existing older air conditioner. In addition, there will also be a warranty with the new unit. You will have great peace of mind with the proven reliability of these Armstrong units.

Choose whichever model of Armstrong air conditioner that you decide on. Then count on the reliable people at Accurate Heating & Cooling to professionally install your new air conditioner. Then have us back to perform preventive maintenance on your air conditioner. And we can also maintain your other home HVAC equipment. We have been around for over 20 years keeping Omaha metro area residents cool all summer long. Give us a call today. We happily serve the metro area including Bellevue, La Vista, Ralston, Bennington, Valley, Waterloo, Council Bluffs, Blair, and Elkhorn.

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