Accurate Heating & Cooling installs Armstrong 90% Furnaces. Other Armstrong furnaces are also available. Armstrong equipment is available as a second line of heating equipment for residential homes. However, the Armstrong product line offers lasting performance at a lower price compared with our flagship Trane products. Call us today at 402-238-2425 for more information about our Armstrong or Trane HVAC equipment.

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Armstrong was established in 1928 in Columbus Ohio. So, they have a long history of building quality innovative products. It is good to know that Armstrong furnaces are still assembled here in the United States. We find that most homeowners have heard of the Armstrong product line. This is based on quality workmanship and performance of the Armstrong brand of HVAC products. Pricing is also favorable as Armstrong does not use a lot of national advertising. This allows them to offer a more favorable price.


A Variety of Armstrong 90% Furnace Models Are Available

Armstrong furnaces come in a variety of models. For example, there are furnaces rated at 80% efficiency and there is a class of furnaces rated at 90% and higher efficiency. Homeowners can thus find the best balance between efficiency and up front cost. Higher efficiency models with advanced features will cost a little more up front. However, they offer more comfortable indoor air conditions and lower energy consumption every month.


The Armstrong 90% Furnaces (and Higher) Residential

Armstrong offers a variety of furnace efficiencies to help meet the needs of individual homeowners. This blog describes the new Armstrong 90% furnaces including efficiencies higher than 90%. There are a number of 90% plus efficiency models to choose from. The acronym AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency which is a measure of how efficiently your furnace converts the fuel into usable heat. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient your furnace will be. Higher AFUE furnaces will usually cost more up front but then are lower cost to operate month after month. There are many advanced technology components in these high efficiency furnaces. These components include a secondary heat exchanger, hot surface igniter, inducer assembly, and high heat transfer heat exchanger materials.


The 93% Efficient Armstrong A931A Furnace

The Armstrong A931A single stage furnace is rated at 93% AFUE. It makes use of a single speed, direct drive blower motor to provide a consistent flow of warm air to maintain even temperatures throughout your home. Upgrading your older less efficient furnace to one of these Armstrong 93% furnace will save hundreds of dollars every year on your utility bill. These newer furnaces are also quieter than older furnaces and offer a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

Armstrong 90% Furnaces Model A931A


The 95% Efficient Armstrong A951A and A951S Furnaces

Both the Armstrong A951A and A951S furnaces are rated at 95% AFUE. The S model furnace has a stainless steel heat exchanger. Both models are single stage furnaces. Other than the difference in the heat exchanger, the two furnace models are identical. Both have quiet combustion technology that makes them quieter than the A931A model furnace.

Armstrong 90% Furnaces Model A951A & A951S


The 95% Efficient Armstrong A951E Furnace

The Armstrong A951E furnace is also rated at 95% AFUE. This furnace makes use of a constant torque motor that provides an efficient, steady flow of air for more even temperatures. This Energy Star certified furnace allows you to save money by more efficiently operating the blower fan motor all year long. The A951E furnace is also a single stage furnace.

Armstrong 90% Furnaces Model A951E


The 96% Efficient Armstrong A962E Furnace

The Armstrong A962E furnace is rated at 96% AFUE. This furnace is a two stage furnace. It can adjust the heat output based on conditions inside and outside your home. This furnace will use less energy while maintaining overall comfort levels in the home. This model of furnace has a constant torque blower motor that offers greater efficiency than conventional motors.

Armstrong 90% Furnaces Model A962E


The 96% Efficient Armstrong A962V Furnace

The Armstrong A962V furnace is also rated at 96% AFUE. This furnace contains a variable speed blower motor for enhanced efficiency and comfort. A communicating thermostat must be used with this furnace. Remote access is enabled using a smart phone, tablet, or laptop to provide greater control. The variable speed blower is outstanding at removing humidity from the home while also enhancing efficiency and reducing operating noise.

Armstrong 90% Furnaces Model A962V


The 97% Efficient Armstrong A97MV Furnace

The Armstrong A97MV furnace is rated at 97% AFUE. This is amazing fuel efficiency. This model is the highest efficiency Armstrong furnace and is an ideal choice for indoor comfort and money saving efficiency. This model furnace is also certified as an Energy Star Most Efficient furnace. It is a highly precise system combining a modulating gas valve with variable speed technology to deliver consistent temperatures while saving energy. It constantly varies heat and airflow in increments as small as 5%.

Armstrong 90% Furnaces Model A97MV

More Information About Armstrong 90% Furnaces

For more information about these high efficiency Armstrong furnaces, consult this Armstrong 90+ Furnace Brochure 2019. Or the Armstrong Air website here also offers additional information on furnacesand other HVAC products.

Choose the Right Equipment For Your Home

Choose whichever model of the Armstrong 90% Furnaces that best fits your home’s particular needs. Then count on the reliable people at Accurate Heating & Cooling to professionally install your new furnace. And have us back to perform preventive maintenance on your furnace. We can also maintain your other home HVAC equipment. We have been around for over 20 years keeping Omaha metro area residents warm and comfortable all winter long. Give us a call today at 402-238-2425. We happily serve the metro area including Bellevue, La Vista, Ralston, Bennington, Valley, Waterloo, Council Bluffs, Blair, and Elkhorn.

Accurate Heating & Cooling Is A Trane Comfort SpecialistAccurate Heating & Cooling Badge and Phone NumbersAccurate Heating & Cooling has BBB A+ Rating

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