Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha

Some HVAC work apartment maintenance departments may not want to do. Or they may not have the tools, equipment, or time to do. This includes replacing compressors in air conditioners, performing warranty work, and replacing older furnaces and air conditioners. Having Accurate Heating & Cooling as your trusted apartment HVAC replacement Omaha experts will give great piece of mind. We are a phone call away if you need our help. Our office number is 402-238-2425 to schedule an appointment.

In the photo below, JJ is performing a brazing repair on an outdoor unit. If repairs to air conditioning systems require brazing, refrigerant recovery, vacuum pump operation, and refrigerant line flushing and your maintenance department does not have the time or the equipment to handle this work, give us a call.

Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha brazing condensing unit

We are also available to help diagnose and resolve air flow issues in problem spaces. And we will determine the correct size heating and cooling units if existing HVAC systems do not adequately heat and cool spaces.

Check and Change Apartment Furnace Air Filters Regularly

Of course we are going to mention the necessity to change air filters regularly. And refer to our blog on Air Filter Options. A dirty air filter can cause furnaces to overheat and can shorten the life of equipment.

Apartment Furnaces are Typically Residential Style Furnaces

Furnaces and air conditioners used in apartment units are from the same stock of products used in residential applications. They are normally just smaller capacity units. Usually the furnaces are A width or B width furnaces that are installed in closets. A width furnaces are approximately 14.5” wide and B width furnaces are approximately 17.5” wide. There is not a lot of room there to change them out or to do maintenance on them.

The image below shows a furnace installed in a closet for an apartment. This is a typical furnace location for apartments. The tight quarters make maintenance, inspections, and installations challenging. The furnace shown is a 95% AFUE furnace and has two PVC combustion air vent pipes.

Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha 95% closet furnace

The furnace shown below that Justin is working on is an 80% efficiency furnace. It has a single metal flue coming out the top of the furnace. If upgrading from an 80% furnace to a higher efficiency 95% furnace, we will need to find a way to run the two PVC vent lines.

Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha 80% furnace

We can still install 80% furnaces in units where the challenges and costs of routing PVC combustion lines outweigh the energy savings on the 95% furnaces.

Air handling units are found in some apartments in stead of a traditional gas furnace.

Other Challenges For Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha

There may be other challenges with upgrading HVAC systems in older buildings. If one wants to change furnace designs from what is already installed in the unit, there may be challenges. For example in going from a gas furnace to an electric furnace, an electrician will need to make sure the existing building electrical system can handle the new HVAC system. Electric furnaces require significantly higher current. And existing wiring is inadequate and must be upgraded.


Upgrading Thermostats To Higher Functioning Thermostat Models

There are many advanced thermostats available today. There are programmable thermostats. And there are Wi-Fi capable thermostats that are very popular. In some cases, new thermostat wiring will need to be run through the walls for the upgraded thermostat. Or, wireless thermostats can be a convenient option.

We sometimes find apartment units with older air conditioning systems that have too small a refrigerant line set. The line set is the two copper tubing runs that connect refrigerant between the outdoor condensing unit and the indoor evaporator coil above the furnace. In some cases, a larger refrigerant line set will need to be routed. This can be a very challenging exercise as the new line set will likely have to be routed through drywall and exterior walls. We can assess whether a different line set is required when upgrading to a new air conditioner.

The photo below shows Kelly running a new line set for an apartment HVAC replacement Omaha.

Installing a new refrigerant line set


Mini Split Applications in Apartment Units

Apartment buildings are possible candidates for installing mini split units at hard to cool spaces where it is not feasible to extend an existing heat run or duct work. Or, if the existing HVAC system is not large enough to heat or cool the space. Advantages of mini splits are the very high efficiencies, they are whisper quiet, and they can be independently temperature controlled in individual spaces.


The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Inspections for Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha

Our Homeowner HVAC maintenance blog offers some good tips on maintenance items.

Here is a link to a story of an apartment building fire in Grand Island, Nebraska from 2009 where a faulty furnace started the fire. According to the news report, there was a hole in the furnace flue pipe that released heat onto nearby plywood that eventually started fire. Regular furnace maintenance and inspections are needed for the safe operation of all HVAC equipment.


Grand Island Apartment Fire 2009

A useful pamphlet titled Landlord Fire Safety Brochure is available from the Omaha Fire Department. Or, refer to the Omaha Fire Department website.


Carbon Monoxide and Older Furnaces

One of the safety concerns with older furnaces at Apartment buildings is carbon monoxide. This gas is a byproduct of poor combustion in older furnaces and especially in furnaces with cracks in the heat exchanger. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless flammable gas that is slightly less dense than air. It is toxic to people and pets and prevents the blood from carrying oxygen to the body.

An older furnace with a failed heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide into the living spaces. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and a feeling of weakness. Neurological signs include confusion, disorientation, visual disturbance, fainting, and seizures. For more information about carbon monoxide poisoning, refer to this Wikipedia page.

The CDC reports the number of deaths annually due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Check out the CDC website here.

CDC number of carbon monoxide deaths annually 2007

The CDC also has a good page on FAQ for CO at this webpage.


The Omaha Fire Department (OFD) also offers guidance on carbon monoxide safety. Their website offers steps to take when a carbon monoxide detector alarms. Check out this OFD carbon monoxide factsheet, or find the guidance at the OFD website. OFD recommends having fuel burning heating equipment inspected by a professional every year before the cold weather sets in.


When It Is Time For Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha

There are many advantages to upgrading older HVAC equipment. Improved performance, greater safety, lower utility expenses, greater reliability, lower maintenance requirements, and higher property values are some reasons. Let Accurate Heating & Cooling be your trusted HVAC apartment HVAC replacement Omaha experts when it is time for equipment upgrades.

We install TranHVAC equipment in apartments. For applications that want a lower price point but still want professional grade quality, we also install Armstrong furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners. One option that you may not be aware of involves lease options for new equipment. As Trane is part of the Ingersoll Rand family of companies, commercial purchases of Trane products may qualify for Ingersoll Rand leasing arrangements. The lease option allows the commercial property owner to have new HVAC equipment with no money down. There is a structured lease payment plan. At the end of the payment period, the property owner can purchase the equipment for $1. For more information about Ingersoll Rand lease options, consult the Ingersoll Rand website. Or call us today at 402-238-2425.

There Are Various Tax Incentives For Upgrading Commercial and Apartment HVAC Replacement Omaha

There are also tax incentives associated with upgrading to new HVAC equipment at commercial properties. The tax laws change all the time, so consult your tax professional for the current tax advantages for these upgrades. We have gotten some great commercial property tax advice from Mike Seelhoff with Bland & Associates (mSeelhoff@blandcpa.com) in Omaha on commercial equipment upgrades. Check out the Bland CPA website.


Accurate Heating & Cooling has been in business for over 20 years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And check out what our customers are saying about us at our Customer Testimonials Page. Call us today at 402-238-2425 for all your HVAC needs.