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Trane Air ConditionerToday’s air conditioners are more comfortable and efficient than ever.
Whatever size your home, whenever you need cool, comfortable, cleaner air, think Accurate Heating & Cooling. We’re dedicated to providing the very best air conditioner investment you can make. We will make ensuring the comfort of you and your family our highest priority. Call us today at 402-238-2425 for all your air conditioner needs.

Call Accurate to install your first air conditioning system or replace an existing air conditioning unit.  Our qualified estimators and technicians will make sure that you get the best air conditioning system for your needs. We will also match your new a/c with your existing indoor furnace. Let us proudly install our flagship Trane air conditioning equipment in your home. Trane equipment is built to last. And Trane also stands behind their products with outstanding warranty protection. Learn more here. Basic air conditioner options include single stage air conditioners, two stage air conditioners, and variable speed air conditioners.

Newer Trane Air Conditioners Have Enhanced Efficiency

Trane also offers a variety of SEER rated air conditioners from 13 SEER up to 20+ SEER. SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. A basic rule of thumb is that every 1 SEER is approximately equivalent to 5% efficiency. For example, consider when an older home air conditioner is rated at 10 SEER (when it was new). Then we replace it with a new 16 SEER air conditioner. The new air conditioner will be approximately 30% more efficient than the older air conditioner. With advances in technology, the new air conditioner will be substantially quieter than the old air conditioner too.

The newer Trane air conditioners offer higher efficiency. They also dehumidify better. And they are much quieter than the older air conditioner in your home. Trane also offers specialized air conditioners that are whisper quiet. We can further improve the indoor air quality of your home by matching the new Trane air conditioner with other equipment.  A variable speed furnace, a programmable thermostat, and an array of air filtering options are examples. Air filter options include a larger pleated 4″ or 5″ air filter. Also consider the benefits of an electrostatic air filter. The best option is an air scrubber that utilizes ozone and UV to purify the air. Many of these options provide enhanced indoor air quality while reducing allergy symptoms of home occupants.

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We also offer Armstrong air conditioners as a second line of products. Armstrong air conditioners are assembled right here in the United States and they will provide many years of performance. For a description of the benefits of replacing your older less efficient air conditioner with a new quieter, more efficient Armstrong air conditioner, refer to this blog.

We will come out and evaluate your current home’s HVAC system and make recommendations for which air conditioning system would be the best fit for your particular application considering your individual indoor air quality needs. Call us today at 402-238-2425.

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