Brrr… The cold winter months are here but that doesn’t mean you have to feel it inside your own home.   Here are some helpful tips for controlling your energy expenses while maintaining comfort.

Close the doors – Don’t waste heat on rooms that aren’t in use. Instead, close those doors and allow the heat to circulate within a smaller area. Your furnace will have an easier time maintaining the temperature and you’ll notice the benefit on your energy bill.

Invest in a heat pump – We have lots of options for new energy-efficient heat pumps and would be happy to help you find the right solution for your home.

Check for cracks and gaps around windows and doors – Today’s homes are more airtight than ever before but there is still the potential for cold air to enter your home via your doors and windows. Inspect each of these openings and seal or insulate any gaps you find to prevent the loss of warm air. Also check around the door to the attic and at any locations where outside pipes or cords enter your home.

Cover your windows – Small cracks or gaps in your windows can create drafts transferring those frigid temperatures inside.  Heavy weight curtains can also help keep drafts out.

Check your insulation – Many homes, especially older homes, are vulnerable to cold temperatures because they lack sufficient insulation. 

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Trane XC95M FurnaceProduct Spotlight:

Trane XC95m Furnace


Trane’s top of the line furnace features the industry’s first true communicating, fully modulating gas valve, and an AFUE of up to 97.3%. Thanks to ComfortLInk™ II technology, the XC95m works with other system  components to learn and adapt to your specific home, providing truly optimized, customized comfort and efficiency.

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